The Product Protector is the forklift attachment that protects your


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Please call 1 (877) 768-3287 or email sales@productprotector.com to get in contact with one of our sales representatives. They will be able to answer any questions you may have as well as guide you through the ordering process.

  • Zenith Logistics

    Zenith Logistics Inc.

    "We believe the Product Protector helps us in improving the cost effectiveness of our DC, improving sanitation of our DC, getting better quality product to our customer in a more timely fashion."
    - Rich Grau, VP of Zenith Logistics

  • Delano Farms

    Delano Farms

    "Ever since we installed the Product Protectors on all of our forklifts, we have not had one complaint about damaged pallets."
    - Jamie Minnie

  • Sun Pacific

    Sun Pacific

    "We don't get any complaints from customers that there's broken pallets or damaged product boxes."
    - Ramiro Valerde

Our Customers include...

Kroger, Del Monte Foods, Land-O-Lakes, National Raisin, Driscoll's Strawberries, California Dairies, Elk Corporation, Sun Pacific, US Cold Storage, Costco, Delano Farms, JG Boswell, Harris Woolf Almond, Saputo Cheese, Giumarra, T&A Farms, HMC Cold Storage, Family Tree, Olam, Real Fresh, Jet Plastica, Cheese Protein International, Western Milling, S&W Seed, Tri-K Truss, New Leaf, Conerstone Packing, Sun Valley, The Peterson Family, Susaki Farms, Cecelia Packing, Sequoia Orange, Sun Treat, Sun West, Aslan Cold Storage, Cal Packing & Storage, Cal Valley Packing, Amgro Fertilizer, Batth Dehydrator, Crisp California Walnut, Cabot, Stevco, Apache Freight, Poindexter, Moonlight Packing, Provisional Foods, Venida Packing, Advance Foods, Hyroflo, Cal Citrus, Sierra Citrus, Gillette Citrus, Ridglass, Sun Tree, Sunset Waste, Lucich Farms, Lo Bue Bros., Setton Pistachio, Mt View Packing

About Us

The Product Protector was invented in 2001 by forklift specialist Geoff Sharp. His mission was to provide a forklift attachment that would protect his customer's pallet and products from damage. In 2001 Geoff received his first of 5 US and 3 International patents on what is now known as the Product Protector. Ten years later, in 2011, Geoff joined forces with a team of pallet industry professions with over 25 years of repair and manufacturing experience. Together they formed Product Protector, LLC.

Today Product Protector, LLC has locations in both Oregon and California and is currently working with several fortune 500 companies as well as many small businesses throughout the country to solve their pallet and product damage problems. Using the latest technology available, the Product Protector team has enlisted some of the industries brightest minds to learn and conquer the billions of dollars wasted each year on product and pallet damage. Our national sales consultants and R&D specialists are committed to protecting your People, Product, Pallets and Profits.

Contact Us

Main Office:
390 Coburg Rd Suite E
Eugene, Or 97401
Toll Free: 1 (877) 768-3287
Fax: (541) 344-3667